Thank You Letters

Dear Chavi and Tehila!

It’s simply unbelievable…there are not enough words to thank you.

Despite the very difficult circumstances due to which all of us are involved, you have successfully put a smile on our faces and brought us hope – just from reading the amazing program, organized down to the last detail...

Dear Chavi and Tehila!

You welcomed and hosted us with all of your heart and soul. Nothing can compare with the hugs, outstretched arms, attentiveness, understanding and willingness to hear our pain. It is so encouraging that there are people like you who open their hearts to listen.

We are going home so happy, knowing that there are good people out there. You gave us strength that will accompany us for a long time.

The Z. family

To the amazing and dear Tehila and Chavi, 

Thousands of thanks!!!

Thank you for every moment that was so powerful, moving and healing.

With love, appreciation and awaiting the next time we meet again,

The M. family

Thank you so much!

I had a wonderful time; the Seder night and the activities for teens were very meaningful for me. I never saw Grandma and Grandpa standing on chairs with us, singing and truly happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! A.

Dear Chavi and Tehila!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm reception, exceptional organization, the concern and warmth that you radiate to each and every one personally. May this wonderful tradition on behalf of the bereaved families continue.

The M. family

Dear Chavi and Tehila!!

We wanted to tell you that we feel privileged to participate in such a powerful event, and we met amazing people and families. The staff was exceptionally organized, and we felt so impressed and inspired by the stories and the strength that everyone shared.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet up and to spend time together.

Thank you for helping us share and for the embrace.

To the dear Friends of Navah family,

I agree with everything that has been said thus far.

For me, this Seder night was a dream. Perfection.

I would like to thank Tehila and Chavi and the entire staff that helped organize it down to the smallest details.

From the gold confetti on the table with the photos, and the seating arrangements, with the staff available in every corner of the hall.

For organizing an amazing program that let us relax and strengthen ourselves.

For the great activities for the children and all of the love that was showered on them (and us!).

Thank you to Rabbi Rimon and his family, the Alfassi family, the Zar family and the Rosenfeld family for the infinite generosity.

Thank you to the families of Chavi and Tehila for the hard work, help and support. Without you, it would not have been so perfect.

And to you, dear families…

Thank you for the embrace, the support, the love and the generosity.

I feel stronger thanks to each and every one of you. I felt with you that I was with one big family who understand what I am feeling just by exchanging glances. I felt that I belonged. I felt that I was allowed to smile and be happy without people giving me looks. I received the strength to believe that it’s possible for things to be different.

You are amazing.💐

One of a kind, amazing and powerful Seder!!!

Great job navigating the ship!

For me, the discussions and the sessions were moving and powerful, and gave the feeling that we’re all in it together, carrying the heavy sack of our lives.

Thank you for making sure that there were activities for the children, teens and adults. You are magnificent and truly wonderful people.

We thank you so much.

The R. family 

Thank you to everyone,

We didn’t know how we would get through the Seder night this year. Everything was hard this year – every holiday. Experiencing them for the first time without Yonatan was very difficult. I knew that there would be tears, there’s no way that there wouldn’t be at this point, but there were also smiles, and laughter, and understanding.

Our boys had such a good time over the holiday, with so much singing and joy. That was so important to us! So thank you from the depths of our hearts.

Dear Chavi and Tehila,

How do you turn people’s pain and loss into an experience of unity and consolation? How do you recruit good, dedicated people and connect them to each other around one table?

How the decision is made to do all of this is the epitome of this blessed organization and this special Seder night that we celebrated together.

A place where sadness and happiness can exist simultaneously without anyone raising an eyebrow. A place where it’s okay to talk about and miss someone, where you can listen to others and understand their pain.

Organizing a project like this requires a very big heart, a noble soul and a lot of thinking about others. It takes initiative and recruiting many different people, and a lot of help from heaven!

Tehila and Itzik, who are on the other side of the ocean and take care of everything from afar. Chavi and of course Moishi, her partner. They have been blessed with all of these traits, and luckily for us, they decided to take part in this amazing and meaningful project.

This year, we were at the Seder with Friends of Navah. It was wonderful, festive and happy. The children enjoyed themselves, and got a lot of attention from people who “compassion” must be their middle names.

Rabbi Rimon and his wife conducted the Seder in a fun, interactive manner, and made sure that everyone was singing joyfully. The extraordinary Tzvika and Dikla orchestrated the group, showed personal interest in each family and gave out great presents. Sigal and Zion danced, cheered up and got both the teens and us adults up and moving. The special couple, Sara and Eliezer, helped conduct this miraculous Seder and incorporated songs of the redemption and extra joy.

The diverse, interesting programs and the genuine concern that we would all have a happy holiday made everyone feel that they belonged.

Thank you, dear people!

The light and goodness radiates out to all of us. We pray that we too will feel strong enough soon to contribute our own talents to help others. Because goodness like this will eventually spread and illuminate the entire world!

The M. family, Modiin 5778

I would like to add to what others have said,

The fact that there is such a warm, sensitive organization that does everything in its power, quietly and modestly, to make the holiday more pleasant for bereaved families – is not a given. This is an organization that isn’t interested in fame or popularity. An organization dedicated to its purpose of bringing a bit of a smile to the faces of those families who lost their loved ones and are incapable of celebrating such a meaningful holiday – the holiday of freedom.

For those families, it isn’t exactly freedom, as their entire lives revolve around bereavement, and time doesn’t matter. The years, months or days that have passed don’t make a difference when the pain constantly increases and the frustration exacerbates.

Tehila – your name is like your essence, with your kindness, charm and great modesty, you work day and night to organize the complicated logistics, together with Chavi, whose name comes from the first woman, Chava (Eve). Together, you try to help these families grow from their pain.

I participated in several of the Passover Seders at the various hotels and each time, I come home so amazed and with so many emotions mixed with a lot of strength, after meeting such wonderful people who have internalized values that I seek to emulate and learn from.

May those involved be blessed: Rabbi Rimon and his family, the rabbi who conducted the Seder in such a down-to-earth, wonderful way and cooperated so smoothly with the participants. I am certain, as an educator, that if there were more people like you among us, many people would come closer to religious and to Jewish tradition. A special thank you to Dikla and Tzvika Zar, who get better and better each year, for their holy work, to Eliezer Rosenfeld who made everything so pleasant with his songs, and to everyone involved. May God bless you all and give you the willpower to continue with such blessed, constructive work – you are the “good people in the middle of the road.”

And to all of you, the dear families who were able to nourish and grow with each other, with openness, love and togetherness! I feel that I am coming home with a lot of new strength to go into Yom HaZikaron, and this Passover will remain etched in my memory and in my heart forever!

Happy holiday,🌹 N.

I can’t compete with what everyone else wrote so talentedly and movingly…

But I just wanted to say thank you!!!

Thank you to the wonderful Tehila!

And of course, to her husband Yitzchak who does so much behind the scenes and whose presence was sorely missed… and to the Friedman children who, thanks to their help and support, Tehila could organize such a meaningful Seder for all of us!

Thank you to Chavi and Moishi, you did above and beyond what was expected…and of course, to all of the cute children who compromised on so many things so that we could have a good time.

Tehila and Chavi, thank you for putting your hearts and souls so that we could all manage to get through this difficult period with so much love, warmth and support, and even joy…

Thank you to Tzion and Sigal, and the special Alfassi family, who make sure to create a positive atmosphere with so much professionalism.

Thank you to the Rosenfeld family, whose talents we really enjoyed.

Thank you to Rabbi Rimon and his whole family! Rabbi Rimon, you have a special approach to people that warms the heart. We really enjoyed your presence.

Thank you to Tzvika and Dikla and the beautiful Zar family. You are so creative and you spread your happiness everywhere you go, to every heart. It’s fun to be with you.

Thank you to everyone for the time, hard work, patience and thought, for wonderful programs and for taking care of every single detail…as always!

So again…we just wanted to say our heartfelt thank you!!!

May we merit health, happiness, joy and only good things!

The G. family

I would like to write a few words of thanks

But I really, really feel that it’s impossible to describe in words what you, the Navah organization, have done for us. Especially those who were in close contact with us.

Dikla, I think that your happiness is a spark from God (Tzvika, you and your wife are one, so this refers to you too).

Chavi and Moishi, who looked out for everything before and during this vacation non-stop, with so much love.

The Kotzker Rebbe once said about a tragic case that he was told about, “Such cruelty only the Master of Mercy can have.”

So I hope that the Master of Mercy, who gave all of us such difficult tests, will also give you, the organizers and managers of Navah, all of the mercy and goodness that there is, and only good things, now and forever, Amen!

The P. family

(and sorry if I forgot anyone…)

To the dear Nava organization, Chavi and Tehila!!!

Thank you! We came with apprehensions about spending the Seder with bereaved families, especially since we haven’t yet digested the fact that we have joined the list of bereaved families.

Our first Passover without our eldest son Uri, of blessed memory, may G-d avenge his blood…we thought that it would be hard and heavy, but all of the apprehension disappeared the moment we entered. We are so happy that we came, we left so much stronger, we met amazing families who all went through a tragedy but have chosen life, and chosen to be happy. You gave us hope and light.

We join in all of the praises that were said, it’s hard to describe in words what we feel. Thank you! May you merit to perform even more good deeds and only hear good news. It was our privilege to meet such wonderful people like yourselves.

The A. family

Happy holiday,

Passover is a time when the sense of family is stronger than any other holiday.

The genuine happiness is felt when we are together. Yet, this togetherness is liable to make the missing part more prominent. I was so worried, but we were privileged to participate – myself, my husband and two of my sons. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.

I bless you, the organizers of the Empty Chair project, that you will only have good experiences and joy, and that you will continue to give with love and modesty.

And to you, the other guests, who muster up the courage to continue, opening your hearts and strengthening yourselves, may we never know any more sadness. May we merit to have only good days. Wishing everyone a good week and happy holiday.

Nava Friends,

We are now leaving the hotel filled with happy, good experiences and emotions. The heart expanded as we met such empowering people, and realized that this is something we can experience every year, to recharge our batteries that had become empty.

The next event in the country is the torch lighting ceremony, and we have recommended that you be chosen to light a torch and receive the Israel Prize for all of the good things that you do for bereaved families. You are the light; you are our recharger.

We families have had the privilege of meeting each other personally because of you, and not only from the newspaper headlines. Thank you for everything, happy holiday 🦋

Many thanks from us❣ 💐

I would like to connect with all of the warm, wonderful things that have already been said. During this holiday, we rejoiced and we cried. We were moved and we felt pain. Everything was crazily mixed together. “By your blood, you shall live…”

We were privileged to meet new, wonderful people who live with loss. Each person sharing their personal story gave us so much strength. I would be happy to meet up again six months from now, like we did last year. To see each other, to exchange hugs, and to listen.

Thank you to the wonderful staff and a special thanks to each of the participants who came and lit up our holiday with your presence.

Have a great rest of the holiday,


To all of the wonderful Friends of Navah and dear guests!

Thank you for giving me and my children such a special holiday!

To the dear staff who did everything with sensitivity, dedication and humility – may there be more people like you 🙏❤,

I was very moved to hear from the various participants and watch my children take part in the various activities!

Happy holiday and may we all hear only good news!


To the dear Navah staff,

Thank you for such a special Seder night. It was uplifting and very thought out, even down to the smallest details. We all had the opportunity to cry and laugh simultaneously, to enjoy being with the special group that has come together here, and for each of us to express our unique, special characters.

We wish you will all of our heart that you merit to always be on the giving side, and may God reward you and bring you joy.

May we all merit the complete redemption – as a whole and on an individual level.

The A. family

To the Friends of Navah family,

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday, that went by so quickly.

We arrived with many apprehensions and without any expectations, and we left amazed and deeply moved.

We are proud to be part of this wonderful family, and there are no words that can suffice to thank the organizers of this empire. May you be blessed.

Thank you and have a great rest of the holiday.

The S. family

Thank you to the wonderful Friends of Navah family

We arrived stressed, tired, worried and sad.

We left with a smile on our faces, relaxed and happy hearts.

Thank you for the miracle that you perform each Passover! Every year!