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The Empty Chair

This year as well, when the entire Jewish nation sits down at the Seder table, Tehila Friedman and Chavi Ehrenfeld will walk between the tables of hotel guests and make sure that all of their guests feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. The Seder will be conducted by Eliezer Rosenfeld, who lost his sons Yitzchaki and Malachi, and with him will sit many families who have lost a father, mother, siblings and children over the past few years.

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Filling the “Empty Chair” with Love

Every year, the Navah organization hosts a Passover Seder for families who have lost their loved ones in the IDF, in terror attacks or due to a tragedy. The project is organized every year with love and dedication by two women on an entirely volunteer basis. More about the idea behind this selfless initiative, the heart to heart connections, and the challenge of raising the funding for the project

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