Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund for Emotional Support and Trauma Therapy for the Families of the Victims

With 20 years of experience supporting families coping with the aftermath of terror and disasters, Navah has established an emergency fund to raise $2 million to provide psychological assistance to the families of the victims of the October 7th massacre and fallen IDF soldiers. With its well-established infrastructure and extensive expertise, Navah is uniquely positioned to address the immediate emotional needs of these families.

Navah offers a comprehensive range of psychological treatments and therapy tailored to meet the needs of the extended bereaved family. In addition to this individualized care, Navah facilitates nationwide support groups, organizes therapeutic activities, and coordinates connection and bonding meetings. Through a dedicated hotline, Navah ensures immediate support for bereaved families. Navah’s trauma experts foster a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community, providing invaluable assistance to those grappling with profound loss and trauma.

Amidst the current catastrophe, your assistance is crucial in maximizing our capacity to offer psychological assistance, ensuring that no bereaved family faces this ordeal alone!


To donate to Navah’s emergency fund

During the war, Navah supports and assists the families through the following unique initiatives:

To volunteer for Navah’s emergency activities, please call 058-5696006

20 Years of Support and Assistance to Bereaved Families:

Professional emotional support; "The Empty Chair" initiative - a central Seder night for hundreds of bereaved families every year; support groups led by professional therapists; pampering holiday packages for widows and orphans; the "Stones with a Human Heart" initiative - placing decorated stones in cemeteries on Memorial Day nationwide, and more.

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