Information about Exercising Rights and Assistance

Dear Family,

Losing a close family member is a profoundly difficult experience, often accompanied by additional challenges in various areas of life. These can include financial strain, emotional turmoil, and psychological burdens. That's why, here at Navah, we've compiled a comprehensive list of organizations nationwide that offer assistance in various areas to help ease the burden during this difficult time.


21 years of support for families bereaved by terrorism, the IDF, and disasters.

Group therapeutic and recreational activities.

  • Therapeutic and group recreational activities
  • "The Empty Chair" - a central Seder
  • Commemoration activities:  Stones with a Human Heart
  • Online and frontal support groups.
  • Online encouragement and support broadcasts every week.
  • "Accompany and Embrace" – providing assistance at funerals of the murdered and fallen.
  • Support line for private assistance on various topics.

The National Insurance Institute

On the National Insurance Institute website, you can find the entitlement conditions and benefits for bereaved family members.

Kol Z’chut

On the Kol Z’chut website, there is centralized information about the rights of bereaved family members as well as sources of support and assistance.

One Family

  • Emotional support and rehabilitation
  • Financial and employment assistance
  • Public representation
  • Summer camps for children and youth
  • Legal advice


The Kobi Mandel Foundation

  • Summer camps for children affected by terrorism and disasters
  • Support groups for bereaved mothers
  • A hotline for support for bereaved families.

The Fund for Victims of Terror of the Jewish Agency for Israel

The fund provides complementary assistance to all victims of acts of terror.

Together We Will Win

Assistance for families bereaved by the Swords of Iron War:

Natan: 054-978-9564

Chabad - For Bereaved Families


  • Assistance in organizing shiva and memorial services, including guidance about mourning customs.
  • Mentoring and assistance with homework for orphans, bereaved siblings, and wounded individuals.

"Light for Families"

Activities, performances, and events for bereaved families.